Tooztu – The First Experiment

Sad Tooztu

Zinovia has it share of weirdos. Wart Jr. was known to scare off little children, and Peewee is an overly talkative Patriots fan who tends to always be in your general area for some reason. One day a human moved in by the name of Ronald, the biggest weirdo to ever grace Zinovia. There was a dark aura around the man. He had a sort of sadistic grin of his face that repelled Zinovians from him. One day Zinarei’s next-door neighbor Tutu decided to be the welcomer and pay Ronald a visit. She was a nice girl, though a bit air-headed. Entering his house, or lab rather, was the biggest mistake she could have ever made. Tutu blacked out and awoke back in her house. Everything seemed different. Tutu’s speech patterns were completely different, but that wasn’t the only thing wrong with her. She shivered as the reached for the mirror. At that very moment all anyone heard was a piercing, bloody scream followed by the insane laughter we were all too familiar with. Ronald did something horrible to that girl. The girl who now calls herself Tooztu lost herself and soon embraced Ronald’s darkness. What are we to do?


Tooztu is my first creation. She didn’t turn out too bad considering I just used paint. Paint is a great tool though. I made a little backstory for her. I plan on doing this for a lot of my OCs. Hopefully I’ll be able to update more frequently soon.


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