100% accidental 101% pure evil

This texture is not for the faint of heart. it is soo gruesomely evil. I hate it soo much. Every time I look at him I shudder. It was a complete accident that this THING turned out this way. If you’re sure you can take it then feel free to proceed. I warned you though.






















































...I can't find God..!


I was trying to make a nice Rover when THIS happened. I was looking through Smash Bros Brawl textures. You know, that Smash Town stage? I saw some textures for a few characters, most noticably Rover. I thought “Hey that’s pretty cool! I can make Rover into a perfect villager with these!” Oh lord how I was mistaken. As soon as I tested the villager I see THIS HORRIBLE FISH-EYED DEMON.

I’m deleting this off of my game ASAP. This thing does NOT deserve to exist. Here are your pictures… Praise me, taking these was the hardest thing I’ve done in a long long time. *shiver*


1 Response to “100% accidental 101% pure evil”

  1. 1 Zinarei
    April 13, 2009 at 4:13 pm

    I know what you hardcore people might be saying. “That’s not that bad! What’s the big deal!?”

    It’s a big deal when he’s parading your town. This thing is just… Guh…

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