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Hello, hello. It’s Zinarei. I know that there are close to no visitors on this site, but I thought I should mention this anyway… For a while I wont be able to keep up with my planned quota of 4 textures a week. I really wanted to but I’m not soo sure how possible it is. Textures are not hard to make for me, but I’ve got a lot of stuff going on. I’m not too sure how well this site is going to go with visitors honestly. I have my doubts that it’ll hold lasting appeal like those Brawl hack sites, but hopefully sooner or later we can get the ball rolling and I’ll be able to show you things like custom DLC items.

I’ll keep updating, just not frequently. ATM I’m dealing with a certain project I need to get done before the end of June. I’ll keep you posted.


100% accidental 101% pure evil

This texture is not for the faint of heart. it is soo gruesomely evil. I hate it soo much. Every time I look at him I shudder. It was a complete accident that this THING turned out this way. If you’re sure you can take it then feel free to proceed. I warned you though.






















































...I can't find God..!


I was trying to make a nice Rover when THIS happened. I was looking through Smash Bros Brawl textures. You know, that Smash Town stage? I saw some textures for a few characters, most noticably Rover. I thought “Hey that’s pretty cool! I can make Rover into a perfect villager with these!” Oh lord how I was mistaken. As soon as I tested the villager I see THIS HORRIBLE FISH-EYED DEMON.

I’m deleting this off of my game ASAP. This thing does NOT deserve to exist. Here are your pictures… Praise me, taking these was the hardest thing I’ve done in a long long time. *shiver*


Embodiment of Evil

You cannot grasp the true form of Giygas‘ attack.

Ness... Ness... Ness... It hurts...

It’s Giygas from Earthbound! There’s a lot of mystery behind this character. Comes to show you what time travel does to a videogame. Giygas is the embodiment of evil and the main antagonist in Mother and Earthbound. He is arguably one of the most terrifying videogames villains of all time – Now in a fun bite-size! It is said that the image of Giygas was taken from that of a fetus and if you unfocus your eyes during his second cycle in the game, you’ll see a small head, stomach, and cord.

Fun fact: Another reason Giygas is soo terrifying is because of his speech patterns. His speech patterns are what they are because of a traumatizing experience his designer had as a kid in which he walked into an adult movie and saw a violent rape scene (Which actually turned out to be a very misleading murder scene. Understandable though, she looked like she was in the middle of it.)

**Hover over the images below to read his battle quotes**


Villager Distribution?

A lot of you might have been wondering just how I intend on distributing these villagers and right now I’m kinda at a loss aswell. One sure-fire way would be a simple villager move-out via Wi-Fi, but I have no control as to who leaves and when they decide to leave. Hopefully sooner or later DSPet or Virus will develop a tool that’ll allow me to make villagers into a bundled file. What I mean by this is a weird file named “Captain Falcon Cat” that is installed into your roster through DSPet’s NPC tool. Ofcourse non-hackers wouldn’t be able to do this, but for them I also have an idea.

Periodically villagers will leave my town or the towns of one of my team members. When they do we’ll post about it on the main page and leave information on a different section of the site that is likely to be called “Anyone moving out?” If you want the villager then comment in that section. We’ll pick someone at random. Remember, just because you post there first doesn’t mean you’ll get the villager.






Yes! Captain Falcon has just joined Animal Crossing and he’s looking to kick some ass. Wanna try your luck at getting his Blue Falcon during Flea-Market days? Unlikely but go for it. He’s not too willing to let go of his valued F-Zero race car without a fight. Be prepared, because this last tier Brawler is punching himself into Wi-Fi TODAY… Or whenever I can figure out how to mass distribute these guys


This is my second texture. It’s a bit pixelated but at the time it didn’t seem as if it would be as noticable when in use. I guess I was wrong. \= Anyway I made this in MS Paint. This is more then likely one of the last textures I’ll make in Paint. I found this great program called Paint.Net. It has very nice options such as pallet saving, effects, layers, opacity settings, and much more. Not as good as Photoshop in terms of design ofcourse, but I like it better in regards to drawing. By the way, it’s completely free. Anyway I think I might remake Captain Falcon at a way later date. Untill then, enjoy.


Tooztu – The First Experiment

Sad Tooztu

Zinovia has it share of weirdos. Wart Jr. was known to scare off little children, and Peewee is an overly talkative Patriots fan who tends to always be in your general area for some reason. One day a human moved in by the name of Ronald, the biggest weirdo to ever grace Zinovia. There was a dark aura around the man. He had a sort of sadistic grin of his face that repelled Zinovians from him. One day Zinarei’s next-door neighbor Tutu decided to be the welcomer and pay Ronald a visit. She was a nice girl, though a bit air-headed. Entering his house, or lab rather, was the biggest mistake she could have ever made. Tutu blacked out and awoke back in her house. Everything seemed different. Tutu’s speech patterns were completely different, but that wasn’t the only thing wrong with her. She shivered as the reached for the mirror. At that very moment all anyone heard was a piercing, bloody scream followed by the insane laughter we were all too familiar with. Ronald did something horrible to that girl. The girl who now calls herself Tooztu lost herself and soon embraced Ronald’s darkness. What are we to do?


Tooztu is my first creation. She didn’t turn out too bad considering I just used paint. Paint is a great tool though. I made a little backstory for her. I plan on doing this for a lot of my OCs. Hopefully I’ll be able to update more frequently soon.


Welcome to the Labs

Hello everyone. This is the grand opening of Animal Testing. Here in Animal Testing we post our custom Animal Crossing villagers in hopes of eventually introducing our creations to the outside world. We take great pride in our work and intend to show you what we can do. Right now the place is a bit empty, but as more textures are made, and more team members arise we’ll be able to flood this place with tons of entertaining characters for you to oogle and perhaps find in your town one day.

I would like to thank DSPet for giving us the software to work with these textures. We will soon put up a link on the sidebar to his site [AiboHack]