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Villager Distribution?

A lot of you might have been wondering just how I intend on distributing these villagers and right now I’m kinda at a loss aswell. One sure-fire way would be a simple villager move-out via Wi-Fi, but I have no control as to who leaves and when they decide to leave. Hopefully sooner or later DSPet or Virus will develop a tool that’ll allow me to make villagers into a bundled file. What I mean by this is a weird file named “Captain Falcon Cat” that is installed into your roster through DSPet’s NPC tool. Ofcourse non-hackers wouldn’t be able to do this, but for them I also have an idea.

Periodically villagers will leave my town or the towns of one of my team members. When they do we’ll post about it on the main page and leave information on a different section of the site that is likely to be called “Anyone moving out?” If you want the villager then┬ácomment in that section. We’ll pick someone at random. Remember, just because you post there first doesn’t mean you’ll get the villager.