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Yes! Captain Falcon has just joined Animal Crossing and he’s looking to kick some ass. Wanna try your luck at getting his Blue Falcon during Flea-Market days? Unlikely but go for it. He’s not too willing to let go of his valued F-Zero race car without a fight. Be prepared, because this last tier Brawler is punching himself into Wi-Fi TODAY… Or whenever I can figure out how to mass distribute these guys


This is my second texture. It’s a bit pixelated but at the time it didn’t seem as if it would be as noticable when in use. I guess I was wrong. \= Anyway I made this in MS Paint. This is more then likely one of the last textures I’ll make in Paint. I found this great program called Paint.Net. It has very nice options such as pallet saving, effects, layers, opacity settings, and much more. Not as good as Photoshop in terms of design ofcourse, but I like it better in regards to drawing. By the way, it’s completely free. Anyway I think I might remake Captain Falcon at a way later date. Untill then, enjoy.