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Embodiment of Evil

You cannot grasp the true form of Giygas‘ attack.

Ness... Ness... Ness... It hurts...

It’s Giygas from Earthbound! There’s a lot of mystery behind this character. Comes to show you what time travel does to a videogame. Giygas is the embodiment of evil and the main antagonist in Mother and Earthbound. He is arguably one of the most terrifying videogames villains of all time – Now in a fun bite-size! It is said that the image of Giygas was taken from that of a fetus and if you unfocus your eyes during his second cycle in the game, you’ll see a small head, stomach, and cord.

Fun fact: Another reason Giygas is soo terrifying is because of his speech patterns. His speech patterns are what they are because of a traumatizing experience his designer had as a kid in which he walked into an adult movie and saw a violent rape scene (Which actually turned out to be a very misleading murder scene. Understandable though, she looked like she was in the middle of it.)

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